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Why investing in your brain is so important.

I had the opportunity to attend my daughter's high school flag football tournament this past weekend. We were excited to see them make it to the championship game.

Both teams had won all their games to get to the finals. They were both solid teams. At the beginning of the game, it was clear that the other team outmatched our team in athletic ability.

We feared that we were going to witness a blowout. But then we get to witness the magic of what a well-coached team looks like.

The other team could throw farther, run faster, jump higher but didn't have an understanding that comes from being coached well.

Our team knew and understood the game plan, and with their good coaching, they were in the right spots to complete the plays.

Even though the other team beat us in athletism and probably raw talent, it was not enough to beat a disciplined, well-coached team.

Our team won the championship because of amazing plays and coaching. Their talents and skills were magnified because of their excellent coaching. This gave them the edge they needed for victory.

Watching this game demonstrated to me once again, how important it is to invest in our brains.

You could be the smartest person in the room but without good coaching, your skills won't be maximized. Learning how to manage your mind and get the results you want is literally a life "game-changer."

Our life drama can be overwhelming, hiring a coach is essential to help you decipher through your own drama and get you moving down the field.

A good coach watches from the sideline and questions all the drama. They help you eliminate the drama that is hurting your game and will teach you new plays that will get you to success.

Until I had a coach I had no idea how powerful coaching could be. My coach has helped me uncover so many beliefs that weren't serving me. So much drama I was creating for myself. She has helped me maximize my skills to benefit my life in a way I didn't think was possible.

We have no problem investing in our bodies with gyms, healthy foods, and medicines. We all see the benefit of these things.

Isn't it time for you to invest in your greatest asset your brain and mental health? Hiring a coach is similar to hiring a personal trainer. A coach sees your weaknesses and helps you build those weaknesses into strengths.

What's amazing about being well coached is that it makes life so much fun. You should have seen my daughter's smile at the end of the game. Their team knew they had played a great game and showed up exactly how they wanted to.

Learn to show up in life exactly how you want to and hire a coach. I would love to help you with your game of life, book a session with me and see how powerful one session can be.


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