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Want to win the Masters? Hire a life coach.

There was never a question if Dustin Johnson (DJ) had talent, his manager David Winkle spotted it early when he was a senior in college in 2007. He remembers the first time he watched Dustin play and knew he could be one of the great ones.

“The first seven or eight years, I’d tell him: ‘You know, you’re going to be the best player in the world when you want to be,’” Winkle said. “And he’d say, ‘I want to be, Wink. Next year is the year.’ But I didn’t see it in his actions.”

It took Dustin ten tries to win the Masters.

Before 2015 his golf career was filled with embarrassing stumbles and a lot of missed opportunities but all things changed for him when he made a new decision.

He hired a life coach.

The Life Coach helped DJ begin working on how to better handles stress and anxiety. This investment, led to a reimagined golf game which changed the success of his career, and Sunday he finally fulfilled all that promise by becoming the 2020 Masters Champion.

Each of us has our own "Master's Champion life journey". We are all blessed with unique talents and opportunities but we can get in our own way of creating success.

This is just another great example of this. DJ had the talent and the desire but he needed help figuring out what was happening in his brain. He had to understand how he was sabotaging his own success.

What do Life Coach's do? Life coaches help people create the results they want in their life.

DJ wanted to create the results of winning the Masters and investing in a coach helped him get that result. What result do you want to create?

After working with a coach I realized that I was living in the status quo. My life felt fine and safe but I had stopped growing and developing. I had stopped making big goals and challenging myself. This made life feel a little stagnet.

Once I hired a coach I realized I had all the wisdom and abilities I needed to create the better results in my life. I needed to develop courage and the ability to process failure. My coach helped me see how my brain was trying to keeping me safe and helped me gain the skills I needed to override my brain to achieve bigger results in my life.

Some people don't need a coach. They can push through the negative emotion that comes with making bigger goals. But I have found most people need help with creating the results they want. Hiring a coach for you life is like getting Disney Fast Passes. Your coach will always help you get the results at a much faster pace.

DJ is a great example of someone who was blessed with talent and opportunity but for 8 years couldn't win a major golf tournament because he didn't know how to master his own brain. Once he hired a coach to teach him that skill, things started changing for him and his results started aligning with his possibility.

I have seen this type of growth with numerous clients. The problem isn't that they aren't talented enough or that they don't have enough desire, the problem is they need help in identifying the patterns of their personal limited thinking. We all have limiting beliefes but they can be very tough to uncover without the help of a coach.

I had them, and frankly, I had no idea how much they were holding me back. My coach completely saw what my brain was doing and helped me begin to believe in new possibilities and beliefs. It felt scary and uncomfortable, but my results was worth the effort. Because of my investment in my brain, I have made bigger goals, loved deeper and have created a more abundant life.

I have learned that having a life coach is just as important and effective as exercising is for your body. If you stop exercising your lose muscle if you stop working on your brain it reverts to limiting beliefs. Just as exercise is essential to feeling strong physically examining your thinking is essentially for good mental health.

Think about the possibilities and opportunities you might be leaving on the table - the world needs your brilliance! If you would like to start the journey of creating better results -I would love to be your coach. Book a free consult call see if it is a good fit for you - you really have nothing to lose - it could be exactly what your life needs.

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