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The power of Thoughtfulness

The definition of thoughtfulness is the quality of being kind and thinking about other people's needs.

I hear people say "I'm just not thoughtful." Like it is the color of your eyes, something that we are born with and can't change.

That is a false belief.

Thoughtfulness is a quality. Mother Teresa called it an 'art'. It is something we should all develop and work on.

One of my greatest life gifts was being raised by a thoughtful man.

My father had thoughtfulness down to a perfect art. I think this is why the Lord blessed him with nine daughters.

Watching him, taught me that the smallest things acts of kindness can make a huge impact on people's lives.

Rather it was my favorite cookies left on my pillow, filling up my car with gas, or telling me I look beautiful, he seemed to have developed a sixth sense of what people needed.

He was so good at it that if you ask any of his nine daughters who was his favorite, each one of us would answer "I was his favorite."

I have tried to emulate this in my life.

And you know what I have learned, being thoughtful is actually a gift that you give yourself.

I thought the best thing about thoughtfulness is how you make other's feel but I have learned it also benefits me.

Being thoughtful changes my lens on all my relationships. It helps me focus why the people in my life are fabulous.

This is true, especially in marriage. It is key to a happy marriage.

I bought many nice gifts for my husband for Christmas and when I asked him what was his favorite gift, he replied "the crushing book". The "crushing book" is just this 2x4 small book that I had filled out 50 reasons why I have a crush on him.

The $1.99 stocking stuffer made him happier than any of his real gifts that were under the tree.

This taught me again, it is always the little things.

My challenge for you is to look to see how you can increase doing the "little things" for the people in your life.

It will increase the love they feel and the love you feel. It is 100% win-win.

Help them realize how special they are and what they mean to you.

Sign up for a free intro coaching session if you need help developing some of these skills that can make your life and your marriage fabulous.

Learn how it is completely possible to have both!

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