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The "No Offense" Superpower

Could you imagine a world where people could say any words to you and you would never feel offense, anger, or irritation?

I want you to know this superpower is completely available to you.

I have it and I know how to teach it to you.

Gaining this skill is a complete superpower in relationships and it all starts with four little words.

"You might be right." - I call it the silver bullet of sentences - it can diffuse any tense situation.

Thinking this sentence and saying this sentence has changed the game for me.

It has given me the freedom to never feel offended by other's words and to stop worrying about what others think about me.

What do you do when someone says words that you might find to be offensive?

Do you get defensive?

Someone is criticizing you. So what?

Why is that a problem for you?

What do you make it mean about yourself? Recognize that their criticizing means nothing about you.

It means something about their opinion of you, but it's just their opinion.

Why isn’t it ok for someone to be wrong about you?

Teaching your brain a new pattern to think when someone criticizes you, will give you all of your own confidence and power back.

If you want to create the result where you aren’t bothered by any situation, you need to shift your focus back to you, where you have control over what you think, feel, and do.

They say words. Maybe they are judging you. Ok. Now what?

Again, stick with what you can control.

How should you respond? My suggestion would be to start with your thoughts and feelings before you talk about actions.

If you believed the thought that you weren’t bothered by their words, what would you feel?

If you felt that way, how would you show up?

Does this create your desired result?

Do you see how you can take back all of your power when your focus is on you and not them?

How to create the No Offense Superpower:

✅Someone says words

1. I consider the possibility they might be right.

2. I try to see some truth in their words - I'm not saying you have to agree with their words but see if you can see any portion of the truth.

3. It's ok for them to be wrong about me.

4. It's ok for them to not like me because I like me enough.

5. Being a human being means that I do things amazing half the time and I totally mess it up half the time,

These thoughts give my brain space to not judge others for their words and not judge me. Judging is 360, you can't judge others without judging ourselves.

When you aren't feeling the emotion of judgment you have room to feel love.

Do you want freedom from worrying about how people think or talk about you? Then come get coached and teach your brain this new pattern. Learning this tool will truly change all your relationships and gives you freedom from being offended.

Give yourself the gift of confidence and getting your own power back by continuing the conversation book a session with me.

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