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Are you going through life with thoughts like, “I am doing it wrong,” or “They are doing it wrong”?

Both thoughts feel equally terrible. It is judgment and judgment always feels terrible.

The result of this thinking is dislike and dislike leads to disconnection and loneliness.

Some of us think these thoughts so habitually that it becomes a subconscious loop in our brain of how we are living life.

Thinking "I am doing it wrong" can do real harm. Thinking this thought, causes actions in our lives, like comparing ourselves to others and not focusing on own unique gifts which leads to feeling less about ourselves. This gives us the result that we doing it wrong.

We are letting our thoughts become joy stealers.

So how do we make sure we are "Doing it right in this life"? How do we feel joy?

You must acknowledge and know your worth.

I am Jenie Hunter. I am amazing and imperfect equally. I am a daughter of God. I know I am 100% worthy.

I know my Heavenly Father created me and loves ALL of me, not just my ‘good’ stuff. He loves me perfectly even though I am imperfect.

What does he expect from me? Not perfection, but my willingness to continue to strive.

He knows I am going to mess up, a lot. But He made a plan for that too. He gave me a Savior.

We don’t fail in this life when we show up as the humans we were created to be, we fail when we stop striving. We came to this life to learn who we are and what we are capable of.

President Holland, who always seems to state it perfectly said:

“Be patient with yourself as you strive to become what Heavenly Father knows you can become.”

So how do we align our vision of ourselves with our all-knowing maker's vision? How do we learn how much more we are capable of?

We sometimes have to steal or give others' beliefs about their capabilities until they can believe and understand them for themselves.

For years I stoled my mother’s belief about myself. I have memories of Saturday nights, with my mom rolling my hair into pink foam curls while watching the Miss USA Pageant. Now pageants have changed, but at this time, the Miss USA Pageant was a representation of girls who were the best of the best. As she was rolling our hair, she would repeatedly say to myself and my sisters, “Any of you girls, could be on that stage, you are as talented and as beautiful as any of those girls.”

My sisters and I laugh about this comment now, but we must have believed it because that comment worked it’s magic in our lives.

None of us were Miss America, but we each felt like we could have been if we had wanted to. Her belief in us gave us the courage to strive in our lives and the striving continues to teach us about our capabilities.

Her vision of us gave us the confidence to be 100% ourselves and to believe in our individual worth. We felt enough. We felt capable. She taught us not to pretend to be anyone but ourselves because who Heavenly Father created was pretty amazing.

Each of my sisters is as unique as they are courageous. Because of their courage to continue to strive in life their contributions to the world have been vast but distinctly different.

They come in all shapes, sizes, hair, and eye color, but are confident in their own beauty.

They are not perfect women, they don’t claim to be, but they are women who are happy being themselves. They are happy in the strive.

My sisters have experienced numerous challenges: unemployment, infertility, widowhood, losing children to death, sickness, depression, anxiety, bankruptcy, troubled children. These challenges don't stop them from striving. They understand that it is all part of their plan for their individual growth.

This is why we came to this earth. We came here to be challenged and to learn how to strive.

The definition of strive is to make great efforts, to achieve to do something, or to make something happen, especially for a long time or against difficulties.

Realizing our existence on this earth is not to gain perfection but for us to strive.

Once you give up the illusion of perfection and realize it is unattainable, staying in the strive becomes much more attainable and fun. If we could actually be perfect, there would be nothing for us to work towards.

The whole reason we strive is for our growth. If we didn't continue to have challenges, there wouldn’t be anything left to gain from this life. We would become stagnant. We would miss out on the learning that comes with striving.

I know that I have some days that my best strive is opening my eyes and thanking God for another day. On those days I have learned to be compassionate to myself and to stop thinking thoughts like: “I am doing it wrong.”

You and I are doing it perfectly when we realize this is the human experience. Life will always be filled with both good/bad emotions (the 50/50). Once we embrace our imperfections is when we feel greater love for ourselves and others.

To feel more joy, stop the judgment of yourself and others. Start showing up 100% you. Drop the judgment, and start getting curious about what you are capable of when you are striving.

Book a call with me to learn how to show up 100% yourself and to get your strive on! It is the whole point of this life, to learn how to continue striving while enjoying this life journey!!

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