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Nothing has gone wrong.

This is probably one of my favorite phrases.

Why? Because it helps me gain acceptance of what my current reality is and to feel peace about what is. We only feel pain about our reality when we argue with reality.

I think Byron Katie said it best "When you argue with reality, you lose, but only 100% of the time."

We can't control our reality or in other words life circumstances. This applies to death, sickness, job loss, what people say or do, pandemics, etc.

Once you accept that this is our reality and stop trying to change reality then we come into our full power.

Full acceptance of what is, is where we show up as our best selves. We stop wasting energy on the Why and start putting our energy into how we want to think and react to what has happened. We start focusing on the controllable.

We realize nothing has gone wrong.

The pandemic is a great example. There is a worldwide pandemic. Nothing has gone wrong. How do I know this? Because we are experiencing a pandemic, that is our current reality.

Now what? This is where the pack separates. The people who accept the "what is" then move their talent and energy to how they want to experience reality.

These are the people that create new innovation, new opportunities, but most importantly they are creating new versions of themselves. They realize that this is their perfect opportunity to _______.

So I want you to do this exercise:

1. Accept your current circumstance/reality and realize nothing has gone wrong.

2. Decide how this is an opportunity for you.

3. Answer this question:

A pandemic is happening in the world right now. This is my perfect opportunity to ___________.

Book a call with me if you need help clearing your thinking and deciding how this is your perfect opportunity to_______It's in your reach, you just have to be brave enough to take action.

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