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Life lessons learned from a leaky dishwasher.


Sometimes we think if things are going easy or smoothly, that we must not be on the right path. That if we are on the right path things should feel comfortable, and full of ease.

This thought usually isn't true, in fact, it can limit your progress in this life.

In the last two months, our house has been in chaos.

Every piece of furniture on our entire first floor as been moved and moved again. The entire kitchen has been ripped out and the floor has been brought down to the concrete slab.

It has not been fun or easy. In fact, it has been pretty miserable.

When change is required, it is rarely comfortable.

It has been a lot of work for me and others and at times, I have had the thought, "Why did we do this?"

But this change was necessary. We had a serious leak that caused a lot of damage. We could have not dealt with it, just thrown a rug over the damage. Nobody would of known.

Sometimes we do this with our life. We ignore the obvious. We think we can just "throw a rug over it" and ignore it. But the fact that the change needs to happen would still be true.

We know we need to change things. But the amount of work seems to be intimidating. We tell ourselves that the discomfort won't be worth the change.

We put it off because we dread the feeling of uncomfortableness.

Our brain tries to tell us that it won't be worth the change. Our brains do not like change. They resist it. This is why we need to manage our brains.

So be honest with yourself, are you seeking ease, comfort, safety, and security in your life and just putting the rug over "the leak?"

Evolving takes courage. Courage to be vulnerable. To be stripped down or gutted.

Discomfort is the price of evolving.

Is the price of feeling discomfort worth it?


Every time I have been brave enough to feel discomfort, for the cost of a new version of me, it has been worth it every single time.

Our first-floor renovation is starting to come together and the new version is stunning. The weeks of dust and hard work will soon be forgotten, but the new version will last a lifetime.

So what is your "leak" in your life that you have been ignoring and just throwing the rug over for a temporary fix?

Do you have some goals that you need to focus on in your health, career, relationships?

If you feel like you could use some help with a personal "renovation" book an introductory coaching call with me at

Find out how powerful coaching can be with equipping you with the right tools to help with the discomfort of "renovation."

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part, but I promise you, you will never regret "fixing the leaks" in your life.

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1 Comment

That new kitchen will last a lifetime so long as you monitor the potential leaks that MIGHT eventually emerge from the new dishwasher!!! :-) Awesome thought piece! Needed to hear it! Perhaps we should talk!! MT

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