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Learn to Pivot

The world is a different world this week than it was last week.

In a week, we went from a calendar filled with too much to do to a calendar with no obligations. Some of the things that got wiped clean from our calendar brought a lot of disappointment in our house.

But at this point, everybody in the world is disappointed about something.

You can choose to stay in the indulgent feeling of disappointment or you could learn to Pivot.

To pivot means to turn or swing. Learning to pivot with your perspective, your emotions and thinking empowers you in your life.

During this time what are you focusing on? The things that are not happening? What you can't do? How Covid-19 is ruining your life? How the world is crazy?

If you are, it's time to Pivot and to realize the opportunity that the universe has given you.

These next few weeks are an opportunity. An opportunity for connection. As our world is getting quieter and the distractions are leaving our calendars we can look at this time as a gift.

I have made a decision. I am going to look back at this time with fondness. This time will be filled with connection with myself and my family. We are going to make memories that we will talk about for years.

I am going to make it great. I will make everyday count. I'm going to look for daily evidence of how having my husband and children being at home 24-7 is a great gift.

We are going to look for opportunities for how we can serve others, especially the people that are sacrificing daily to keep my family safe and healthy.

This time will pass. The world will go back to normal. Don't waste this gift of time.

This time is a limited opportunity to connect on a deeper love with yourself and your loved ones. Find time to serve in new ways. Look for daily miracles, they are happening all around us. Serve others in new ways.

Pivot your mindset to how amazing this is. How life has slowed down. How this is an opportunity.

It's in your power to make this amazing for you, your family and others.

Every morning wake up and ask yourself, How are you going to make your day amazing for yourself and for someone else?

When you start each day with this question, your brain will find the answer.

I promise, when I do this, it works every time!

As part of my contribution of service, I am joining our community of LCS coaches and offering a free session to anybody who feels like they need to get some coaching to handle the stress of our circumstances. If I could serve you in any way, please sign up for a complimentary session. Book at

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