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I am enough

When was the last time you thought this phrase - I am enough.

Was it today or yesterday? If you didn't why?

This is a universal truth. A truth you need to think daily. There is power in this truth.

I am enough means you understand your worth as a human being. You were created to do hard things. You acknowledge that you have the skills, the capabilities, to adapt and to learn how to handle new circumstances.

You have done hard things in the past and you will do hard things in the future.

Life sometimes feels like a juggling act.

This week we are all juggling new balls. You probably were used to the balls you were juggling and then life changed.

In these moments, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and to feel that you can't figure things out.

But don't let your brain go there. It isn't useful. You just need to remember these three words - I am enough.

Nothing has gone wrong. What is happening right now was always supposed to happen. You got this, just like you did every time in the past.

You always have been able to figure things out. This time give yourself permission to drop the mind drama, the worry, the anxiety. These feelings will keep you stuck and add an extra layer of stress.

Remember those three words - I am enough, and just keep juggling. You might drop a ball, but you will pick it up and start again.

This week I saw myself slipping into old habits of mind drama and I dropped a new ball. I thought things had gone wrong. I knew this by my feeling of overwhelm.

This happened when I found out that because of the virus, our daughter Grace was being sent home from Peru after only being there for 3 weeks of her 18 months mission.

I felt the pain sharply for her. I felt worried and anxious.

I had dropped the ball, and frankly, I didn't feel like picking the ball up.

But after doing some Corona comfort eating 😏, which left me feeling worst. I knew I needed to do some work on redirecting my thoughts. I needed to create new emotions.

I did not beat myself up for indulging in negative emotion, I was compassionate with myself and remembered that I am enough.

I remembered that I can do hard things and so can Grace.

I am working on dropping the need for comfort eating and the need to feel the worry, that has never given me the results I want.

I am getting better about getting myself faster to useful thoughts and remembering that- I am enough.

These useful thoughts (i.e., I can handle this. How can this be amazing for me? What am I going to learn?) helps me create the emotion I want to feel and this helps me get the results I want.

Whatever life is throwing your way, remember the quicker you can remember the thought - I am enough, the quicker you will get your desired results.

These are highly emotional times. If you find yourself having catastrophizing Corona thinking or need help practicing social distancing yourself from your refrigerator😍, I am here to help.

Sign up for a session so I can help you drop your indulgent thinking and get you to the results you want. I would love to help you learn new amazing skills.

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