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How to perfect goal making.

It's that time of year. Where we look at the past year and decide what we did well and where we need to improve.

Some people dread this time of year. I love it.

I love that feeling of newness. New beginnings. New opportunities. I look at the days ahead and see the chance for growth and memories.

The New Year is like putting fresh sheets on the bed. It's clean and I can't wait to jump in.

I haven't always felt this way. This time of year used to make me feel a little bit like a failure. I would look at my past year's goals and focus on what I didn't accomplish.

Did I accomplish all my 2019 goals? No, but I no longer make it mean that 2019 or myself was a failure. I choose to look back and take inventory of all the many things I did accomplish. The skills I gained, the chances I took, the opportunities I had to be with the people I love were all valuable.

But mostly 2019's overall gift to me was to experience failure and success in a new way.

Each year shouldn't be measured by what we did but by who we became, how we changed.

Last year I became a more aware person. I focused on areas of my life that in the past I had neglected. That took courage and caused me to be vulnerable... a lot.

I've learned how to feel negative emotion and this skill has given me new confidence to try hard things.

Because of my willingness to fail in 2019, this year has stretched me, a lot. I challenged beliefs about myself and my life that brought on new challenges and a new version of myself.

I didn't love every moment but I loved the result it gave me.

My challenge for you in 2020 is to focus on who you want to be on December 31, 2o20 and then make your goals from that future person perspective.

Make BIG goals for 2020, be willing to fail and be vulnerable. This is how you will truly see transformational change in your life.

Take new risks, be willing to lose, the result for you will be growth and that will be a success.

If you would like to learn how powerful coaching can be in helping you make and accomplish big goals and learning to take chances, I would love to have the opportunity to guide you, sign up for a free session

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