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How to make Valentine's ❤️day magical.

Valentine's Day.

To you love it or hate it?

Just hearing that day brings dread to some and joy to others. Why are there so many different opinions about it?

It's because of our past experiences. We usually judge our future experiences on our past experiences - this is usually a mistake.

Leave the past in the past and decide how you want to feel and create it.

I grew up feeling like Valentine's Day was one of those magical days on the calendar. It was a day to celebrate Love.

So I propose this year, if you have issues with Valentine's Day, let them go.

Use this day to spread love wherever you go.

Take back the power, choose how you want to feel today and create that reality. Don't wait for others to create your perfect Valentine's Day.

It doesn't take much to feel love: send a sweet text, buy the person's sonic drink behind you, give lots of hugs, make your favorite dinner, the ideas are endless.

Any of these actions will fill you with loving thoughts, which will create the feeling of love for you and everybody around you.

Feeling love all day will feel amazing.

I do it every year. I decide how I want to show and feel love and I create it. Every year I celebrate it different. There are no rules.

This year I have planned the perfect Valentines Day for me. My tribe will feel loved, I will feel love and it will be magical.

I love that we get to create the exact experience we want in life. We create it by how we think, and our thinking drives all our actions.

So drop the rules and expectations. Don't expect others to create your magical day. Decide what you want and create it.

Comment below and let me know the magic you have planned. I would love to hear what would be your perfect Valentine's Day.

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