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How to create more love for your spouse

John and I in college, two weeks into dating.

Do you know your brain is similar to an amazing defense attorney.

How it works like an attorney is simple. You think a thought and it's your brain's job to go to work finding evidence to build a case for why that thought is true.

The technical term for what our brain is doing is called confirmation bias. This causes us to search for, favor, interpret, and recall information in a way that confirms our beliefs. This is a natural occurrence in everybody's brain.

I have a belief that I love my husband. Yesterday, my husband had gotten up earlier than me and I was slowly waking up and I smelt my husband's cologne. Because I have a belief that I love my husband my brain is constantly looking for evidence of why I love him. I smelt the cologne and had a thought, "I love my husband because he smells amazing" this enabled me to feel immediate love for him.

What do you believe about your spouse? Is it creating thoughts that gives your brain an opportunity to prove to y0u why you love your spouse?

The best thing about managing your thoughts about your spouse is that you get to feel the emotion of love, Feeling love is always the most amazing emotion to feel.

The benefit of feeling the emotion of love will help you show up as the spouse you want to be.

How to create more love for you spouse:

  1. Set timer for five minutes.

  2. Write down everything you think about your spouse.

  3. Examine what thoughts create love.

  4. The thoughts that don't create love cross off.

  5. On a sticky note or on your phone put the top 3 thoughts that create love.

  6. Practice your those thoughts daily.

  7. Remember ALL thoughts are optional- are your current thoughts serving your marriage?

I promise you if you do this everyday your relationship will change for the better. Don't discount this because it might seem to simple. Try it for a week and let me know how it goes.

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