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Happy Birthday to our favorite guy

Today is our favorite man's birthday.

So to celebrate this amazing guy this weeks blog is being taken over by my children. Nicholas wrote a beautiful tribute to his dad and then the five girls shared our family's birthday tradition. Each year at our family's birthday dinner we go around the table and each share our favorite thing about that person, what they have taught us and our favorite memory.

Nicholas Corwin

When I think about what I want to be when I grow up I think about my father and how he has set an example for my family as an amazing priesthood holder and provider, but more importantly I want to be just as accepting as my father was when I came out as gay.

I want my family to feel the love and acceptance my dad gave me because it is the reason why I wake up and say, “let’s do this!”  

My father doesn’t only show love in the ways that you can count but rather in ways that you may not even notice that are unseen, like prayers and priesthood blessings, charity and giving to those who have none, service projects and helping make others happy.

I’ve learned that if you gave your time and happiness away to help others, not only are you making them happy, but you’re making your life even more amazing because you took the time to think about others.

When I first came out as gay, I was absolutely terrified of what my parents had thought being raised Mormon. I had heard stories of children being thrown out of their houses in Utah for coming out, I was unprepared and terrified for the outcome. Luckily, when it was time to be honest my parents understood the hardship I was going through and always offered ways in which to help me.

It’s was their constant prayer that I would figure out my life and still have a relationship with my Heavenly Father. I am glad to say that I am a strong son of God because my father is a strong son of God, because he did whatever it took to help me and each of his children.

One day I want to be as amazingly dedicated and loving as my father, John Corwin Hunter.

Grace Elizabeth

The most important thing my dad has taught me is how important Jesus Christ is in our lives. He is the biggest example to me of being a disciple of Jesus Christ and acknowledging Him in all we do!

My favorite thing about my dad... man that's a hard one! Probably his sense of humor! I love how he can always make me laugh and the fact that he laughs at my jokes too!

I have lots of favorite memories with my dad but something that comes to mind right now is when we would stay up late watching the Sherlock episodes together! He always made them so fun and exciting! I just love every second I spend with him!

Elizabeth Anne

My dad has taught me how to be strong and to always strive.

My favorite thing about him is how he is such a leader and a vessel for God.

My favorite memory with him is how we spend our Friday and Saturday nights together watching our team.


My dad has taught me how to be selfless. He teaches me by his service and hard work for the Lord and his family.

My favorite thing about my dad is his love for my mom and his love for the Lord.

My favorite memory was going with him to Utah and going to Apollo burger (where he used take my mom when they were dating) at 10 pm and just sat there laughing and having so much fun.

Mary Margaret

My dad has taught me to always put the Lord and others first in my life.

My favorite thing about my dad is how serviceable and hard working he is in everything that he does and how he devotes himself to it to try and make it the best he can.

My favorite memory with my dad is when we went on our date together and we just had dinner and spent time together and allowed us to grow our relationship as father and daughter

Katelyn Rae

My dad has taught me how to work hard. He helps me with my math and homework. He shows me how to study.

My favorite thing about my dad is how he always makes me laugh. He loves to make up silly songs and sayings.

My favorite memory with my dad was when we went on a date and made gingerbread houses. We got to eat lots of candy and he was the funnest dad there.

I think your children's words pretty much sums up how we all feel about you Corwin and how lucky we all are to have you in our lives. We love you John Corwin and you being on this planet makes the earth a better place for all of us to live!

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