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Get used to "Different".

This pretty much sums up 2020.

This was said in the series The Chosen by Jesus to Simon when Simon was questioning Jesus about his choice of picking Matthew as an apostle( If you haven't watched it - do it and you're welcome - it's amazing).

How Jesus acted was so different that most of the Jewish people didn't recognize Him as their much-awaited Savior.

He had new radical ideas. He did things "differently". He didn't follow their rules.

Some people thought He was dangerous and wanted to stop Him.

They were afraid of "different".

Others recognized his greatness. They knew they were witnessing divinity and our Savior.

They embraced the possibility of what "different" would bring.

I often think about where I would have stood in Christ's time. Would I have recognized His greatness or would I have been afraid of "different"?

2020 has been "different". Are you thinking something has gone wrong or are you embracing the "different" that is happening in our world?

Are you seeing Christ in 2020? He is here. He is still performing miracles. He is still in charge of the "different".

Do you see Him in all the teachers who are going to work and finding out how to do things differently while still loving and educating our country's youth?

Do you recognize Him in our fellow countrymen who are trying to do things better than we have done in the past on how we are treating each other?

Do you see Him in our healthcare workers who go to work and save other people's loved ones while putting their loved ones as risk because of their exposure?

Do you recognize Him in all the mom and dads who are embracing homeschooling while balancing a full-time job?

I see Him in my own life where He is changing my heart and stretching me to do things "differently" and teaching me what I am capable of.

Think of Christ's day, think of the miracles He performed, the world He changed.

We live in the same world. He is still in charge and still teaching us to do things "differently". Our role is to be open, to listen, to be teachable, and most of all not to be afraid of the "different".

When we stop thinking something has gone wrong, is when we begin to embrace the new possibilities and we start to change and become the new better "different" version of ourselves.

I know I am not seeing Christ is when I am not embracing the possibility of "different" because I'm feeling fearful or resistant to reality.

Why are we so afraid of "different?"

Because it can feel uncomfortable. It can feel vulnerable. Our brains usually don't like "different." They like to be efficient and new thoughts and ideas can feel like a threat to our brain.

But "different" is the gateway to better. So learning how to be comfortable with "different" is really the name of the game for lasting change.

"Doing things "differently" leads to something exceptional"

If you want to start creating exceptional results and retrain your brain to get comfortable with "different" I have some excellent tools to teach you. Once you stop being afraid of "different" is when life starts getting really fun!

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