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Future focus = future success

Every day we make decisions.

Think about the decisions you made yesterday. What you ate. What you wore. How you spent your money. How you spent your time.

Did you make these decisions based on what you want in the future or from habits from your past?

This is what we call past focus vs. future focus.

When you define yourself by your past accomplishments, decisions, memories this is what we call past focus.

Being past focus will limit your future success.

Sometimes we define ourselves by what we have accomplished vs. what we want to accomplish.

Its time to stop this. The past is over, it's gone. It gave you what you are today. Be thankful for it but stop letting it make your decisions for the future.

Get excited about your future. Who do you want to be in the future? What do you want to accomplish in the future?

You get to decide. You get to define it. It is yours for the taking.

Imagine traveling to the future and seeing what you have accomplished, seeing everything you have dreamt of.

If you were 100% sure of your future success how would you show up differently today?

How would your thinking be different? Your attitude? Your actions?

Think about it, when things don't work out today you would realize that nothing has gone wrong. You wouldn't stay in the space that something has gone wrong. You wouldn't indulge in those negative emotions that keep us stuck. Instead, you would figure out what to do next,

I learned the power of being future focus during my 15 years of fertility treatments. I believed the entire time we would have a big family. I knew I just needed to keep taking action and to not give up. So every time a procedure failed, I just thought ok, what's next?

Over a 15 year span, I went to 3 different IVF clinics/Dr.'s, experienced countless injections, and procedures, rounds of drugs and so many dr, appointments.

So to give me the strength I needed during this time, I would often travel to the future and let my future-self give me the belief I needed.

To not give up. Every shot, dr. appt, surgery was all part of the process and it was just bringing me one step closer to our family.

She told me to keep taking action, that all of this would be worth it, that I wouldn't even remember the pain.

And you know what, she was completely right.

The belief is the difference. Stop limiting your success on what has happened in the past. Start believing in what you can create in the future.

If I had taken action from my past-self I would have not been blessed with my six beautiful children.

Instead, I continued to visualize those six amazing humans and that visualize helped me keep taking action until they were in our family.

So what do you want to visualize in your future? The amazing thing is it can be whatever you want.

I have some BIG goals. My future is just as spectacular as those six kids I was blessed with. I spend some time every day visualizing that future.

That is the important work, visualizing until you completely believe it.

Whenever I am unsure what to do next, I ask my future self for advice. When I spend the time visualizing from my future I find the answers. The answers are all inside of me.

I know my goals are possible because every day I am learning to believe and every day I am becoming more the person who has accomplished them.

So what do you want? Don't be afraid to want BIG. Then start action from that future success. That is where you will start seeing the changes in your life and one day your belief will become the reality you are living.

I have done this time and time again. I know it works. Learning to coach yourself from that belief is the skill you need.

If you need some help with becoming future focus, sign up for a mini session here we will create your personal before and after process. This will become the roadmap for you to accomplish your dreams.

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