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Finding your Purpose in life.

This is a discussion that I have had lately with a lot of my friends. Our kids are older, they need us less and are soon going to be gone.

The path was clear in our younger years. Go to college. Start a career. Get married. Have kids. Decide how and if that career fits into motherhood.

Motherhood is so consuming that keeping the little humans alive takes over all our

purposes. It's hard but amazing and it keeps us distracted on focusing on our needs.

And then we find ourselves in our 40's thinking...What is my Purpose?, and we feel this big pressure to find this BIG purpose.

Well I have the answer, you ready?

Brook Castillo said it best "Your reason for existing is to exist. That is your purpose. You don’t have to do anything to fulfill your purpose in life. Your life is your purpose. You are a result. A product. You are an evolved human being, and being alive is enough."

When God created you, he gave you your purpose, it was your humanness. Your job is to remember that you are 100% worth, no matter what you do in this life.

Once you give up the quest to find this "great purpose" of your life, you realize that you can decide what goodness you bring to the world with a lot less pressure.

When you come from a place of gratitude for just your existence, it is a much more fun place to find out how you want to contribute to the world. You don't have to prove anything. You are good enough just because of who created you.

We live in a day of age where our options to contribute are vast. Don't overthink this. What speaks to your heart? What fills your soul? Don't be afraid to fail. Because that is where the learning and growth will be.

The whole reason for your existence on earth is to obtain growth. So have the courage to grow.

To find out how you want to contribute, ask yourself, Are you currently growing right now? If you are challenging your mind, making some fails, feel like you are swimming in the deep end, then you are doing it right.

If you are feeling safe sitting on the shore...watching others swim in the deepend , it's never too late. Pick something that scares you and just do it. Don't let your thoughts get in the way, because your brain will tell you all the reasons it's crazy to do new things.

I promise you, this is the magic of life...pick something that puts you in the deep end, go all in, because you have nothing to lose, you are already 100%. All you are doing is adding to your personal secret sauce.

This is why coaching is so impactful. It helps us clear out our brain chatter and create a life that reminds us of our 100% every day. Removing the negative chatter in our brain enables us to do so much more.

Book a Free introductory

session and find out how powerful that is

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