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What is the 50/50 rule? The 50/50 rule is that our life experience is 50% positive and 50% negative, opposition in all things, even in Corona Lockdown!

My challenge for you is to not feel responsible to solve the negative 50 for your husband, your children or yourself. To just let everybody experience some negative emotion and don't be resistant to it.

This happened on Monday at my house. My husband came to me and he was feeling very frustrated and on edge. We had 6 kids doing zoom calls, on top of the usual chaos that comes with 6 teenagers and he was finding it difficult to have his workday. He was not his typical happy self and needed some time away from the chaos to process.

My old self would of either argued with him how things are not chaotic and made his unhappiness mean I was doing it wrong, or I might have started mirroring his emotions and agreed with him how everything is wrong and started feeling awful too.

But I didn't do either of those, because I know better, I know the importance of the 50/50.

I know the human experience is SUPPOSED to be a balance of the positive and the negative.

I knew that what he was feeling was perfect for him at that moment, his classroom, his experience.

I knew that the only thing I needed to do was to give him the space to feel what he wanted to feel.

Once we give up the idea that we have to fix "negative emotion" than the experience of the negative emotion actually loses negative emotion. When you stop trying to "fix" negative emotion you get the emotion of peace.

We moms think it is our job to keep the world happy. If our child is crying we need to figure out how to stop the crying. If our husband's our grumpy it's our fault.

All this does is create more negative emotion for everybody, especially for ourselves.

Most of us in the world have been given a gift of time with our loved ones. This might bring up additional negative emotions.

My challenge for you is to give you and your loved one's space to feel the 50/50 of life.

Do you know what happened Tuesday at my house? My husband once again was whistling and being his happy self. He was feeling the 50% positive of life and I was happy to give him the space to feel it!

Be ok with the 50/50 of life. It's going to happen rather you are ok with it or not. The more you understand it, the more you can embrace all of it!

If you would like to learn how to better embrace all of the crazy right now, sign up for a free coaching call. Having a coaching session each week is the best gift I give myself and my family. It helps me show up clean and purposefully. I learn to love myself exactly how I am right now, the good, the bad and the crazy, and this lets me love my life and my family exactly how I want to. Book a session at

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