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100% Worth

Think of what you would consider the most precious thing you own. When you think of that item, what are your thoughts?

Do you go directly to what's wrong with that item and how that item needs to improve to make you happier? No, you probably thought of why you appreciate it so much.

When I ask myself this question, I think of my new stove. This stove is a beast! Every time I cook or bake on it, I feel lucky. I appreciate it's amazing abilities to cook so efficiently.

Why when we think of ourselves are we in the habit of looking for what's wrong with us. How we are not good enough. What we need to improve on.

Do you believe you are worth 100%? Or do you only see your bad decisions and your not perfect abilities?

How did we forget or let others convince us that our worth is less than 100%?

Believing anything else is a lie, and it is a lie that does damage to your life.

We need to find the thoughts that give us self-appreciation of ourselves. Appreciation means to recognize the full worth of something.

I greatly appreciate my stove, I recognize it's worth and I'm extremely grateful for its abilities.

Can you do the same thing when I ask you about yourself? Do you recognize your worth and your amazing gifts?

Sometimes we find it easier to appreciate others or things, but appreciating yourself is a skill that can change your life.

Money wisely invested appreciates. I think when we invest in ourselves, we appreciate too.

We grow in value. Invest time in appreciating yourself.

Take a full ten minutes to consider and make a list of what you really love about yourself.

What do you notice you like about yourself when you look really closely? Take the time to write it down. If nothing comes, simply wait until you find one thing. Then find another.

You came into this world with 100% worth. Nothing has changed. The only thing that has affected this worth is how you are thinking about yourself.

When we take the time to acknowledge and appreciate ourselves then that appreciation grows.

And then the domino effect happens. We start seeking for evidence of appreciation in everything around us. This is where the magic happens, we start to realize how much we are and have.

The things we appreciate will appreciate.

If you need help finding your self-appreciation, please sign up for an introductory call. We get in toxic thought patterns that we sometimes need help to break. Removing these destructive patterns give us freedom.

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